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Unicondylar knee replacement - type UKR - We are returning a joy of movement | Beznoska

Unicondylar knee replacement – type UKR

Unicondylar knee replacement – type UKR

The implant is designated for replacement of the medial compartment of the knee.

This uncomplicated implantation is performed at minimal bone resection. Optimized shaping of the articulating facets ensures maximum scope of mobility at good stability and minimal wearing of the polyethylene liner. Assorted available sizes, all of them in L and R variant, makes it possible to cover the whole range of sizes that, in combination with PE liners of various thickness, make it possible to solve practically every situation as may occur during primary implantation of this knee replacement.


  • Easy adaptation to anatomical predispositions
    Resection of the femur is identical for femoral components of all sizes. 
  • Minimal wearing
    Perfect congruence between the femoral component and PE liner.
  • Biomechanically favorable solution 
    Mobile variant – optimally adapted position of the liner. 
  • User-friendly, convenient instruments
    Ergonomically designed instruments won first prize Czech Grand Design contest.

High-precision instruments and design ensure exact positioning and fitting of the implant using simple, unambiguous, and logically contingent steps help solve common problems.