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Total knee replacement - type SVL/SVS - We are returning a joy of movement | Beznoska

Total knee replacement – type SVL/SVS

Total knee replacement – type SVL/SVS

The product is designated primarily for primary implantation with bone cement.

It provides for a simple and perfect fixation of the implant at minimal bon resection. Optimized shaping of the articulating surfaces ensures maximum mobility at a good functional stability and minimal wearing.  The assortment of the available sizes, all of them in left and right variants, covers evenly the entire range of sizes and, in combination with PE liners of thicknesses, makes it possible to solve practically every situation as may occur during primary implantation of a knee endoprosthesis.  The implant delivery include a patella that substitutes knee cap’s facets.


  • the implant is designated for operations with preserved LCP (type SVL) or substituting LCP (type SVS)
  • anatomically shaped femoral and tibial components, i.e., L and R variants
  • adequate range of sizes (six sizes)
  • variability facilitates combining different sizes of femoral and tibial components
  • the design provides for compensation of defective femorotibial and femoropatellar interfaces
  • interchangeability of elements facilitates decision-making as to whether to use type SVL or type SVS while the operation is in progress
  • femoral component is always made of cobalt alloy (ISO 5832-4)
  • tibial component is made of titanium alloy (ISO 5832-3)
  • the PE liner is made of UHMWPE (ISO 5834-2)
  • the patella is available in 4 sizes and is made of UHMWPE (ISO 5834-2)
  • optional use of a navigation system


Surgical technique SVL

Surgical technique SVS