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Radial head replacement - elbow alloplasty | Beznoska

Radial head replacement

Radial head replacement

Implant consists of a head and a stem that must be assembled inseparably during the operation, using a self-clamp cone at the connection point

Indication for implantation:

Primary implantation in cases involving comminuted irreconstructible fracture of the head of the radius with plus-variant of the ulna or simultaneous injury of:

  • medial ligament (primary stabilizer)
  • radioulnar interosseal membrane (Essex-Lopresti)
  • coronoideous ulnae and olecranum ulnae

Chronic indication:

  • Status after extensive deliberation of the elbow
    • with medial instability
    • with deformity of the head
  • Status after resection of the head
    • with progressing valgosity of the elbow or narrowing of the radial half of the ulnohumeral joint
    • with proximation of the radius and secondary plus-variant of the ulna with symptomatic distal radioulnar instability


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