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Hip Joint Stem - type BEZNOSKA TRIO - We are returning a joy of movement | Beznoska

Hip Joint Stem – type BEZNOSKA TRIO

Hip Joint Stem – type BEZNOSKA TRIO

At the beginning of 2011 we launched into the market completely new stem for total hip joint implants.  The stem is delivered in three modifications – cemented, cementless, and cementless modular option.


  • Optional use of cemented or cementless implantation, depending on type of neck
  • Cemented stem in combination with a centralizer
  • Cementless variant with optional choice between fixed stem or modular neck
  • Optional use of a modular stem with various neck angles
  • Cemented variant polished to mirror-like gloss
  • A third of the upper section of the cementless variant is plasma-coated with a layer of bioactive titanium oxide to ensure full biocompatibility of the implant or option with hydroxyapatite.
  • Identical instruments can be used for all types of stem


Surgical Technique


Instruction Video