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Knee Endoprosthesis – type CMS - revision implant | Beznoska

Hinge Rotation Knee Endoprosthesis – type CMS

Hinge Rotation Knee Endoprosthesis – type CMS

The anatomically constrained knee replacement with an inner rotation. Due to its higher stability it can be applied (with an advantage) as a custom-made option in younger patients.

The implants is namely intended for:

  • patients with deformation changes and deep instability of knee joint
  • patients either with bone tumors in the knee section or with huge bone defects being of different origin.

The implant consists of the components as follows:

  • Femoral Component – type CMS
  • Tibial Component – type CMS
  • Surface – type CMS
  • Hanging Item
  • Rotating Item
  • Femoral Stem – type SVR
  • Tibal Stem type SVR


Surgical Technique