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Ceramic heads for THR - We are returning a joy of movement | Beznoska

Ceramic heads for THR

Ceramic heads for THR

Our company supplies ceramic heads BIOLOX® that may be combined with all hip joint stems currently offered by the company, i.e., both cementless and cemented.

Time-tested technology
The use of BIOLOX® dates back to 1974.  Since then, over 4,500,000 components have been implanted worldwide.  The clinical results are excellent. The material’s outstanding properties are now considered standard and a benchmark for evaluating other ceramic materials used in orthopedics. 
CeramTec, the company that makes these materials, continues to make improvements in its pursuit of suitable solutions for young and active, as well as corpulent patients. 
The company’s clearly outlined research and development objectives include manufacture of a broader range of head sizes, smaller acetabular components, greater stability, and longer service life.

Other solutions 
BEZNOSKA offers ceramic heads made of BIOLOX®delta, a new material that meets the more sophisticated requirements of today.  This ceramic material has been developed by CeramTec with the aim of greater stress endurance as a logical successor of the preceding time-tested material, BIOLOX®forte.  Thanks to this new material we are able to offer new sizes and applications that unable to attain before with BIOLOX®forte.  BIOLOX®delta has all the beneficial properties of BIOLOX®forte, i.e., excellent compatibility, great mechanical properties, outstanding chemical and hydrothermal stability, plus better tribological properties than BIOLOX®forte.

Note: BIOLOX® is CeramTec’s trademark.

Find more information in the Information Booklet.