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Cementless Hip Joint Cup - type SF - We are returning a joy of movement | Beznoska

Cementless Hip Joint Cup – type SF

Cementless Hip Joint Cup – type SF

2nd generation of cementless hip joint cup.

Along with stem type SF and a head (metal or ceramic), it forms a complete set of cementless total hip joint endoprosthesis for biologically younger patients.


  • Cup liner with three holes
    Possibility of better fixation of the cup in the acetabulum by means of screws.
  • Bioactive coating of the cup casing
    Time-tested quick secondary fixation by osteointegration.
  • Liner material: Cross-linked UHWMPE (ISO 5834-2)
    Significantly greater abrasion resistance (especially if a ceramic head is used).
  • Different cup liner variants
    Standard – for most indications.
    Offset – with a raised edge in cases of imminent luxation.
    Anti-luxation – maximum protection against luxation.


Surgical Technique