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Joint replacement surgery advanced course | Beznoska


Basic Information

In this course, you will gain advanced knowledge relating to the products of Beznoska s.r.o and their subsequent implantation.
You will participate in specific operations at a pre-arranged healthcare facility.

The course contains the following sub-categories –Knee Replacement, Hip Replacement and Others.

 Appropriate for

The course is appropriate for commercial representatives, doctors and nurses.

The programme can be tailored to the interests of the participants, or combined with the next level of the vocational course (Expert).


The course will be held at a pre-arranged healthcare facility.


The date of the course can be arranged individually as required. For more information, contact marketing@beznoska.cz.

 What will you gain?

Completion of the Beznoska s.r.o. vocational workshops is an important and supplementary part of our successful cooperation.

Upon completing the course, attendees will have gained the necessary knowledge relating to the implantation of joint replacements, and are awarded a certificate of attendance of the Advanced course of Beznoska s.r.o., and are therefore able to proceed to the next level.