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ZERAMEX® manufactures aesthetic and 100% all-ceramic dental implant systems. The company is the world market leader in non-metallic, two-piece ceramic implants. By developing breakthrough manufacturing technology that significantly reduces manufacturing costs and machining time while allowing greater design freedom, it is one of the leading companies producing high quality ceramic dental implants.

Beznoska manufactures implants, instruments and surgical aids for the needs of orthopaedics and traumatology. This specific focus of production requires a wide range of technical and medical expertise, which is why it works closely with leading medical and metallurgical experts. Due to its long-standing cooperation with numerous clinical departments in the development process, and thanks to the constant innovation of its production technologies and production programme, the company has implemented several patents in its 30 years of existence.


Why Zeramex XT

The Zeramex XT dental implant belongs to the Zeramex family of two-piece, 100% non-metallic ceramic implants. It offers maximum prosthetic flexibility thanks to its reversible non-metallic screw connection and our extensive range, especially in the anterior region.

The Zeramex XT ceramic dental implant offers three different platforms in lengths of 8, 10, 12 and 14 mm and is particularly suitable for anterior restorations thanks to its small diameter and digital workflow. The Zeramex XT ceramic implant is placed 1.6 mm supracrestal, but can optionally be placed deeper (up to 0.6 mm supracrestal). The cylindrical-conical thread design of the implant was developed to achieve high primary stability. A bone graft reservoir at the tip of the implant simplifies implant placement.


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